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This year's theme is WAVES. In this game, you are on a planet inhabited by Hand-shaped aliens who are SO into waving. You have to wave at them to distract them and keep them from coming towards you. If they get too close, knock them into the waves below with traps. How many waves of aliens can you survive? Also, all audio files are .wav files. Also VR.



Wave at aliens to distract them and keep them from walking towards you. Queue them up for most effective use of traps - which are activated by the button panels of the same color as the trap. 3 second cooldown per button. If an alien makes it to you they hug you and the sun eats you and in 10 seconds or so it'll restart you at Wave 1

In this case, waving means your hand is above your head

Install instructions

Runs on Windows and requires SteamVR (HTC Vive)


wewaveinpeace (1).zip 27 MB

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